Are you a HOME BASED Business? You must read!

(Written on my old Blog on 7 Feb 2012)

WOA!  I have soooo many ideas and sooo many things to write about that I don’t have a clue where to start… I wish I could go in order with my posts but I don’t think that is going to be possible so…. I will write tonight about something that is a very important matter as it involves and can affect a lot of people and not only ME!

As must of you know I started a HOME BUSINESS (to call it like that  for some reason)a few months ago…… but before I started to look into what a business required (legally)because I was worried about the business presentation, website and more…I happen to get  a “ newspaper article” on my hands.

I thought I could just sell my products online. .. Register my brand and business and that was it BUT HOOO SORPRESA (surprise)

The idea of your business is just a small dot in the process…at least in Whitby…

I read the article and then I got an email from a lady saying my business was illegal … so I called her and I found it the lady was the lady on the newspaper (I cannot tell you her name) as at this point I don’t have her authorization to do soo and I am afraid I can get in trouble with her or anyone but let’s call her “The Cake Lady”… (You know in Canada I must be very careful with every step I take (that is one of the things I like and I don’t about Canada but as I decided to live here I must accept it 🙂

And don’t worry this.. Topic will lead to another post but let’s keep talking about what matters now… The business, the newspaper article, the lady, the email, the signs (How I call them… all those signs leads us to a better place or situation if we know how to read them)

So I was told she was going to meet with the Chamber of Commerce of Whitby and I wanted to go… but a lot of people told me I shouldn’t get involved… So I didn’t pursue the idea…

A night before I decided to call her and let her know I was going…

Then I sent an email saying I couldn’t make it as I couldn’t find a babysitter for Miyi and Niko… well…

Next morning my kids were sleeping in… (Like never before… of course when I am wide awake since 6:00am trying to get back to sleep) So I decided to get a shower and wake them up around 9:00 am… I got them ready and we hit down the Chamber of commerce…

Here I was with my 2 and 3 year old coming in the building when someone try to help me to find the right place.. .but she asked.. .“Are you sure you want to come in?… There is going to be a lot of people and there may be not enough room for your kids” (Don’t take me wrong… She was the sweetest and nicest girl… she was only concern about the kids)

So I did have to say it.. “ I know there may be not enough room… I just want to make a statement of my personal situation and it is funny because this situation shows how a stay home mom make her business (dream) work when she has kids and we don’t have someone to help us with our children or we don’t make enough money to pay for day care L  (As always… I try to take the best out of this awkward situation)

So we had to wait for half an hour… (Thank God and Apple for IPhones) 🙂

So the meeting finally started… It was very interesting to hear some of the fact such as:

The last time that Home Business regulations in Whitby were updated was on 1998… Can you imagine?

That’s a long time ago… especially when the world, technology and my kids are growing so fast… 🙂

I wish I could have listening to more… but I couldn’t….. I don’t think a lot of people did as Niko was going LOCO in that room… but thanks to a nice lady who came and took him and Miyi out I had a chance to stay and listen to “The cake lady” who explain her case and what things are going on after that newsletter article.

Then when they say if someone has a question or a comment… here it was my hand (those who were with me in school my hand was always up… but that is another story…who know it might lead to another post)

So I raised my hand and they give me the word (I don’t know if that makes sense in English but it does in Spanish LOL)

I had the opportunity to explain my case to more than 40 people and I must say even though they said everything was going to be anonymous… :S I gave my business card, I gave my name, I show my face…. and even though when a lot of you must ask WHY? I will respond to the question…

I am NOT a none… I have a name, I have a family, I have a dream, I have a face… I am MYSELF… I am not sure if it was the right thing to do or not… but I wanted to put a face and a name to my dream because like me there is more than 100 I can guarantee it.

So I just follow my Dad’s philosophy… “What is the worst that can happen?”

Then I came with my own questions… That I get a fine for baking at home?

First of all I don’ t make enough to pay for a fine and second of all I stopped baking until we find out the resolution to this situation. (In my case… at my age… I am starting to learn from others experiences LOL)

Then I have the opportunity to explain to them a few points.

*Like me there is a lot of stay home moms who won’t make enough money to pay Day care even if they work a full time job… (And believe me… I have an University degree a great resume and I am fluently bilingual so you are not just listing to a lady who has not academical education… so let’s thing about it…how many stay home moms, young teenagers cannot get a job now a days but they are talented in something  like knitting, painting, sewing, etc… etc)

Shouldn’t they deserve to work from home?

The amazing part is that there were a lot of men as well J So we do know there is people working from home.

Another important the topic was that the government thinks Home based business  don’t want or don’t pay their taxes… which in my very personal opinion I said it is not my case as I want to pay my taxes according to the law.. I don’t want to break the law… so I asked them please just to give us the right tools and information to do so.

What about a BOOTCAMP for Home based business on how to open and legalize our business? (I just came with that one LOL… not bad hehe?)

So after that I had to leave the room. I did apologize as I would love to keep involved with this situation as it affects a lot of people but Miyi and Niko were outside making someone not to  get back to her work as she was watching them.

I also give them the example of me… making my own website… taking my own pictures… etc…etc… I told them can you imagine how many jobs I can create with only 1 of my products?

And those jobs could be filled with all those stay at home talented moms or dads who are unemployed at the moment 🙂

I will RESET or RESTAR the economy (I have no idea what that means… I know people said is bad.. no jobs… no $$$) but I guess If I can generate jobs I can generate $$$ and then somehow that fits into making a better economy :S I think I don’t know LOL

Well ladies and gentleman… It was a pleasure to meet you there… I don’t know your names but I must remember your face 🙂

Ladies and gentleman… believe it or not… WE ARE CHANGING HISTORY!!! In a little town of a big city of a big country there were 40 people communicating peace full over a coffee and cupcakes made probably from a stay home mom J Yummy by the way 🙂

If you want to keep updated on the topic please follow us on Facebook at  and tittwer@partyliciousmam and we might invite “The Cake lady” to let us know more about it .

Hooo and by the way… if you want to read “The newsletter article” here is the link:



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