Unaccomplished dreams…. Are they really?

(Written on my OLD Blog on 24 Feb 2012)

As must of you know I always wanted to be a flight attendant.

I applied every year 2 or even 3 times a year since I was 18.

The answer was always the same…

“No! You are too short”

(In Mexico you must be at least 1.60 cms tall… Believe me I already asked why?  Answer:  You must reach the luggage compartment without shoes … I know being only 1.58cm I still reach them… next time please give me another explanation)

My looks, weight and skills where not the issue. It was only those 2 cms too short the ones which were taking my BIG DREAM away so I decided to do something about it.

I signed up to a private school (Which I needed to get a scholarship as my parents couldn’t afford the full amount so we divided 50% VS 50%.  They paid 50% and I get a 50% scholarship)

So I took a foreign languages degree… I learnt French and Italian… I already knew English thanks to my high school and college degree as Interpreter and Translator. The one I decided to take in order to have all the requirements to become a flight attendant.

Requirements in Mexico:

  • Be 18 years old and I don’t remember how old they stop taking application probably 35 I would lie if I tell you but I knew I needed to be 18 J
  • Speak Spanish and English
  • Have a high school degree
  • No scars on your face
  • Not to wear glasses
  • Weight in order to your high ( never a pounds more.. maybe a lot of less pounds will be better LOL)
  • And be PRETTY!

It was a complement to know that I had all it takes to be a flight attendant (Specially being pretty LOL)

But those 2 cms where missing somewhere in the equation. I did try to some crepe on my hair but they pushed my hair down every time they measure me…

I wear high hills… They remove it every time they measure me again … so I did try everything… every year…

So 2 years later I came back and I told them I would never grow those 2 cms. But I did have 2 more language that those girls didn’t have… I was sure that was going to be a HIT I was sure I was going to be hired… I was WRONG!

So here I was pretty, slim, friendly; smart with 4 languages but with not a friend who can get me in… Yes… you are right… sometimes you need to know someone.. but I only knew my self

I cried for weeks… I didn’t want to get out of bed… I was sure my life was over.. I didn’t want to do anything else but a flight attendant.

I loved the idea of being on a nice suit greeting people and smiling all the time while traveling the world on an Airplane!

All my dreams where washed away…. All those play dates using my kitchen and table set as an airplane when I was 7 instead of as a kitchen where gone… I did cry a lot!

My mom had been asking me to be a lawyer… She used to say she thought I could be a great lawyer.. .I was tired of telling her no! I cannot be a layer at least not in my country unfortunately corruption doesn’t go with me and my life style… (I am not saying all lawyers as are corrupted but the system is and I was not going to deal with that)

SoI kept going to the school… Remember I couldn’t afford but I was there trying to finish it was a 3 year degree so I needed to finish… I loved it!!!

Unfortunately ( I thought back then) The school finances where not good and they removedthe scholarships… So we coulndn’t affor it any more… not even with the moneyI was making as a hostess in a Radisson hotel.

I talked to the principal to the noun who was so sweet but there was no chance for me to stay thank God I had been applying to the Public University for but I failed the test every time… My mom always in my side telling me… “You should be a lawyer” But I always applied for Communications as I said if I am not going to be a flight attendant I want to be the one who gives the news in TV…

But one day mom got me in a bad mood and I said” If you really like law… why don’t you become a lawyer?!!! (My mom only had a high school degree and an accounting college degree as my grandfather just to say… Why would you want to go to law school if you are just going to get married and stay home… He was wrong… she is not that kind of woman but still things where done my grandpa’s way)

Sooo after that phrase was said, my MOM agreed to join Law school… we applied to the same school we did pass the test we started University together but that is another story…

Let’s get back to those dreams you think are broken… vanished… gone… finitto!

They are not… there is only a BIGGER reason for you not to accomplish them especially when you have done your best, tried your best…

Sometimes I still wonder how come I couldn’t make it… I did start University with the intention to dropp off when they hire me… (Hope never dies… So I applied every year)

Then there was this show Oprah kind of show… Called “Dialogos en confianza” where they were going to talk about flight attendants…So I decided to go to the show an expose my case…

Here I was lining up again now to be part to the audience.. And my turn came up… I told them I had 4 languages and well you already know the rest…So the main lady who hired the flight attendants told me to come to see her on Monday and that I was going to be hired! She told me that on TV I was soo happy I knew that was it! I got it all… I was ready to be a flight attendant after all those years trying… But guess what???

I was wrong!!! AGAIN!

I did meet the lady… Wonderful woman!!! She said start the paper work.. And we did… I pass all the tests… English, Phycology, Medical… Everything I was all prepared… but not for what destiny had ready for me…

I used to get really sick… sore trough sick.. so I want to see this DR. (GRGRGR) Who told me she was going to make sure I wasn’t never going to get sick again and she was right.. I have never being sore though sick again.

She did mention the medication was strong.. I never thought about what “strong” means when talking about medication.. I mean I was only 23 and I only wanted to feel better so I can go sing my contract….(Woah! There is tears in my eyes right now while writing … I haven’t cried for this in years… and you must know I thought I got over it… You also must know I am flying right now while writing and being attendant by the sweeties’ flight attendant… I love to see she is probably older than 40 she has not a super model body but she has what it takes to be a flight attendant from my point of view: A smile and nice manners )

I also wanted to add. I was watching the PANAM show on the airplane … maybe that’s the reason I had my emotion so strong… but let’s get back to … where?!

Where was I ?! Let me get back…

HO Yes the Dr., “The strong medication”… so she got me this shot and told me to get once every day for a week… well I did… I thought it was not that strong as it didn’t hurt me when I got it on my bum… :S

My dream was just around the corner… 1 week and a half and I would leave my job at American Express.. my Universitystudies… and I was ready to smile to the world on an airplane

So here I got those pimples… and some extra pounds… It was not badI was only 120 lbs… I was young puberty.. Pimples… Nothing to me…

More days went way the date was coming closer…

More pimples… more extra pounds… My moms start to ask… Are you eating too much chocolate? I said not.. She said you must be doing something different… look at your face… :S

So I did notice I gain 20 lbs in 1 week I look like acne teenager…

So we went to MY DR.. not that other DR. My family DR.

So one of the questions he asked was if I was in some kind of medication… and then… there was the answer…

ASTERIODS.. X*#$ I don’t swear.. But I am now.. $&@* Asteroids… we saw a couple of dermatologist all of them said it will take a few months maybe a year to remove the acne out of my face…

Our family Dr. said he was going to help me… and he did.

He said he was glad I didn’t have a heart attack. The doses was too strong for me (Then I knew the meaning of “STRONG” on a medication”)

My contract date arrived I went to sign it… the answer was Sorry but look at you! What did you do?

(She was nice… she never offended me… she was only as surprised as myself)

The answer was “ We cannot hire you at this moment” Please come back when you lose those pounds and get your face back in order)

I left the building, I didn’t talk in the car (my parents always drive me everywhere to be my support, even thought I had my own car)

I also drop out of University (at least that’s whatI thought) I didn’t wanted to see any one… I didn’t want to talk to anyone… I didn’t want anyone to see me… ( By the way thanks to all those friends who were always there for me… thanks to you I didn’t failed the semester)

But I do remember that day( probably 3 months later when I was brave enough to show up in school… and someone said.. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!)

I left the room, I ran and cried in an empty class room and here they were all of you trying to support me… saying…” Lisa we don’t love you for the way you look… we love you for the way you are”… and now.. I laugh… you shouldn’t never said that… So you guys remember? Me crying even more.. and screaming like a LOCO… SO I am ugly you are saying exactly what I used to say to those girls who have not self-steam… And I know they may have a chance in something but not in a beauty pageant LOL)

I still remember I ran like in a movie LOL and you guys met me at my house later on… You guys were there to bring me back to school… helped me to get all my assignments updated, helped me in all my test and school projects… and I did save the semester.. and most important I start accepting ME as what I was back then… Thank you guys! Thanks for always be there Even now

Well we have moved to a totally different subject“Those are my friends” The one who still stick around 10 years later… Even when I moved away, even when I am far away I will introduce them later on.. . as they are in a lot of stories so you can feel familiar

So going back to our broken dreams I just want you to tell you something… I know in my heart I did all I could but as my mom sais… God and destiny had something better to me… (well someomen said you must be specific when you ask for something… and I always asked for travel.. ) Well now I travel a lot at least 2 times per month at or at least once a month.

I am always on the go.. in airplanes and there is always those fligh attendats helping me out with everything

I did graduate from University… I learn another language; Portuguese, so it was not bad… all I did to get where I wanted wasn’t a waste of time… it wasn’t in vain… I learn a lot and I love to realized that this experience even when it hurts make mea better person.

I tried 2 more times… The last time when I loose thoe punds I came back but the lady was not longer there.. she got sick and left the company then I start wondering if at 25 I still wanted to become a flight attendant that time I asked for a signal and I got it..

That’s another story which has to do with me being in Canada happy with my family… I will tell you that one another day.

But the very very last time I tried I was living in Canada I was 27 years old. I spoke 5 languages, I wasn’t fluent in Portuguese but I did understand it)

The requirements where totally different… They didn’t care about size, weight and looks So I said this is my chance.. this is it!

Well… I line up for 8 hours.. when I got there I realized I needed a Canadian passport which I didn’t have… I was a permanent resident but not a Canadian citizen… Then I think I kind of got the message… It wasn’t ment to be

But every time I flight I see them and I wish I could be a flight attendant even if it is for 1 time in my life.

The only time I was a flight attendant was on my 25 birthday.. it was a costume birthday party and I dress up as a flight attendant… I remember telling all my friends I got the job… all of them were so happy for me.. but then I had to say it was only a joke LOL

You might be asking yourself.. Is she going to try again? Well not at the moment as I have my kids o take care of.. but who knows … You never know It is never too late.

I did have a job in American Airlines and I used to pretend I was a flight attendant all the time LOL when nobody was looking and I even have this picture at the cabin… but I only worked at the counter :S

So friends! Even those broken dreams are a good thing if that happen to us…

They arethere to make us better and stronger… so keep trying keep going because DREAMS do come true… I am not a flight attendant but I travel in airplane a lot :0 So it is kind of the same thing… (Not… I want to serve the people LOL )

Have a good one!

Don’t stop dreaming!

Don’t stop trying!




Are you a HOME BASED Business? You must read!

(Written on my old Blog on 7 Feb 2012)

WOA!  I have soooo many ideas and sooo many things to write about that I don’t have a clue where to start… I wish I could go in order with my posts but I don’t think that is going to be possible so…. I will write tonight about something that is a very important matter as it involves and can affect a lot of people and not only ME!

As must of you know I started a HOME BUSINESS (to call it like that  for some reason)a few months ago…… but before I started to look into what a business required (legally)because I was worried about the business presentation, website and more…I happen to get  a “ newspaper article” on my hands.

I thought I could just sell my products online. .. Register my brand and business and that was it BUT HOOO SORPRESA (surprise)

The idea of your business is just a small dot in the process…at least in Whitby…

I read the article and then I got an email from a lady saying my business was illegal … so I called her and I found it the lady was the lady on the newspaper (I cannot tell you her name) as at this point I don’t have her authorization to do soo and I am afraid I can get in trouble with her or anyone but let’s call her “The Cake Lady”… (You know in Canada I must be very careful with every step I take (that is one of the things I like and I don’t about Canada but as I decided to live here I must accept it 🙂

And don’t worry this.. Topic will lead to another post but let’s keep talking about what matters now… The business, the newspaper article, the lady, the email, the signs (How I call them… all those signs leads us to a better place or situation if we know how to read them)

So I was told she was going to meet with the Chamber of Commerce of Whitby and I wanted to go… but a lot of people told me I shouldn’t get involved… So I didn’t pursue the idea…

A night before I decided to call her and let her know I was going…

Then I sent an email saying I couldn’t make it as I couldn’t find a babysitter for Miyi and Niko… well…

Next morning my kids were sleeping in… (Like never before… of course when I am wide awake since 6:00am trying to get back to sleep) So I decided to get a shower and wake them up around 9:00 am… I got them ready and we hit down the Chamber of commerce…

Here I was with my 2 and 3 year old coming in the building when someone try to help me to find the right place.. .but she asked.. .“Are you sure you want to come in?… There is going to be a lot of people and there may be not enough room for your kids” (Don’t take me wrong… She was the sweetest and nicest girl… she was only concern about the kids)

So I did have to say it.. “ I know there may be not enough room… I just want to make a statement of my personal situation and it is funny because this situation shows how a stay home mom make her business (dream) work when she has kids and we don’t have someone to help us with our children or we don’t make enough money to pay for day care L  (As always… I try to take the best out of this awkward situation)

So we had to wait for half an hour… (Thank God and Apple for IPhones) 🙂

So the meeting finally started… It was very interesting to hear some of the fact such as:

The last time that Home Business regulations in Whitby were updated was on 1998… Can you imagine?

That’s a long time ago… especially when the world, technology and my kids are growing so fast… 🙂

I wish I could have listening to more… but I couldn’t….. I don’t think a lot of people did as Niko was going LOCO in that room… but thanks to a nice lady who came and took him and Miyi out I had a chance to stay and listen to “The cake lady” who explain her case and what things are going on after that newsletter article.

Then when they say if someone has a question or a comment… here it was my hand (those who were with me in school my hand was always up… but that is another story…who know it might lead to another post)

So I raised my hand and they give me the word (I don’t know if that makes sense in English but it does in Spanish LOL)

I had the opportunity to explain my case to more than 40 people and I must say even though they said everything was going to be anonymous… :S I gave my business card, I gave my name, I show my face…. and even though when a lot of you must ask WHY? I will respond to the question…

I am NOT a none… I have a name, I have a family, I have a dream, I have a face… I am MYSELF… I am not sure if it was the right thing to do or not… but I wanted to put a face and a name to my dream because like me there is more than 100 I can guarantee it.

So I just follow my Dad’s philosophy… “What is the worst that can happen?”

Then I came with my own questions… That I get a fine for baking at home?

First of all I don’ t make enough to pay for a fine and second of all I stopped baking until we find out the resolution to this situation. (In my case… at my age… I am starting to learn from others experiences LOL)

Then I have the opportunity to explain to them a few points.

*Like me there is a lot of stay home moms who won’t make enough money to pay Day care even if they work a full time job… (And believe me… I have an University degree a great resume and I am fluently bilingual so you are not just listing to a lady who has not academical education… so let’s thing about it…how many stay home moms, young teenagers cannot get a job now a days but they are talented in something  like knitting, painting, sewing, etc… etc)

Shouldn’t they deserve to work from home?

The amazing part is that there were a lot of men as well J So we do know there is people working from home.

Another important the topic was that the government thinks Home based business  don’t want or don’t pay their taxes… which in my very personal opinion I said it is not my case as I want to pay my taxes according to the law.. I don’t want to break the law… so I asked them please just to give us the right tools and information to do so.

What about a BOOTCAMP for Home based business on how to open and legalize our business? (I just came with that one LOL… not bad hehe?)

So after that I had to leave the room. I did apologize as I would love to keep involved with this situation as it affects a lot of people but Miyi and Niko were outside making someone not to  get back to her work as she was watching them.

I also give them the example of me… making my own website… taking my own pictures… etc…etc… I told them can you imagine how many jobs I can create with only 1 of my products?

And those jobs could be filled with all those stay at home talented moms or dads who are unemployed at the moment 🙂

I will RESET or RESTAR the economy (I have no idea what that means… I know people said is bad.. no jobs… no $$$) but I guess If I can generate jobs I can generate $$$ and then somehow that fits into making a better economy :S I think I don’t know LOL

Well ladies and gentleman… It was a pleasure to meet you there… I don’t know your names but I must remember your face 🙂

Ladies and gentleman… believe it or not… WE ARE CHANGING HISTORY!!! In a little town of a big city of a big country there were 40 people communicating peace full over a coffee and cupcakes made probably from a stay home mom J Yummy by the way 🙂

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Hooo and by the way… if you want to read “The newsletter article” here is the link: