I owe this post to myself

(Written on my OLD Blog on Feb  the 7th, 2012)

I say I owe this post to myself because it is my first post… I have been trying to blog for the longest time… but everything gets on the way…

I must accept I am being afraid of blogging in a language that is not mine… but I am ready to say I AM NOT AFRAID anymore…:)

I am ready to BLOG, to dance, to talk, to live life like there is not tomorrow… So please forgive my spelling or grammar mistakes… I will appreciate any feedback believe me I won’t’ feel offended I will love to get better 🙂

Another thing I want to clarify is that if you don’t know me in person yet… you cannot feel the way I usually talk and the things I say the way I say it… So… as I am Mexican let me tell you we think very different 🙂 So by no means I am trying to offend anyone on my posts… sometimes cultural things or sayings get mixed up and I want you to be aware that BY NO MEANS I am judging YOU or anyone 🙂

If you know me by now… You know I am not the kind of person who judges someone or something but I do have my own opinion about stuff.

So my BLOG as my Facebook page, my Twitter account or anything with my name on it as my own person is not trying to generalize a situation, a comment or ANYTHING … please understand it is ONLY my point of view 🙂

My Blog is the way I want and I can express myself even when it is not correct  🙂 (after all… who defines TO BE CORRECT or not)

So please let’s have some fun, maybe some tears but must important LET’s BE OURSELVES!



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