Mercedes Benz Coincidence

Woa! This is another prove that things happen for a reason.

The other day while I was day dreaming I went and look for a SUV… Well.. to be exact a Mercedes SUV… I was curious on their prices so I stopped and look at some of them.

While I was talking to a sales rep,  a guy came over and asked him if he knew who Partylicious Mama was? (As I had my cute magnets on my Buick Enclave door)  So he introduced him to me and he asked me to stop by  his office to talk about a party he was planning for his VIP clients.

So after I finish with my now friend The Sales Rep. I went to talk to this guy…  😉

He was in his office and he wanted to order some cupcakes so I asked him… Do you only want cupcakes or do you trust me to work my magic on something for your VIP clients… he replied I trust you.. so do your magic! 😉

And well here it is what Partylicious Mama came out with 🙂


One thought on “Mercedes Benz Coincidence

  1. I loved it Lisa!! That’s what I always thought and This blog is the truly proof that the things are always in the right way for the right things. Lov’ya !!! 😛

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